Design and build is a concept where our company designs the plan according to your dream house. Based on this concept, you can choose the design types for examples Modern, Islamic or English concept and many more. It is all depend on your personal budget and preferences. There are three different concepts:

1) Your design on your own land
2) Your design on our land
3) Your design at a preferred location

Process design and build concept is shown in the process flow chart below:

Process Flow Chart

We realise you might already know what kind of home you want. We are happy to build from the plan you have already drawn up or we can start from scratch and help you to design the home of your dreams, utilizing our architectural designers. We believe we are capable to fulfill your dreams and make it happen.

Don’t have a land to build your dreams home? Browse our land selections below which suit your needs and choose our inspirational plans to get a head start. It can be built as designed or customised to suit the way you live.

Land Selection: